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Anna Marie's Tea Review: Mango Pear White

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The natural friendship of “East meets West” is portrayed when we look at the flavor composition mango and pear in this organic blend. Any possible early shyness as to whether this is really the perfect match was gone the minute these two fruits met on the delicate white peony. A must-have organic creation!

white tea Pai Mu Tan, apple pieces, freeze-dried mango cubes, natural flavoring, marigold blossoms


This was a sample I bought when I visited the store! The mango and pear flavors come through quite strongly but taste somewhat artificial, like a fruit gummy candy without the sugar. That being said, the fruit flavors are still delicious, albeit nearly overpowering the natural taste of white tea - you can taste the white tea more as an aftertaste after the initial wave of fruit. It's tasty but I would not re-buy this one.

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