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Anna Marie's Tea Review: Breathe Deep

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Breathe Deep is a honey bush blend of licorice root and eucalyptus with a minty finish! A perfect caffeine free blend to help soothe even the worst sore throat. Smooth mint helps provide relief of sore throat and nasal congestion! A completely caffeine free rooibos blend of eucalyptus, mint, licorice root and honey bush. Simply the perfect “feel better” drink to sip with a head cold, or congested nose. Even when well, this blend truly is so soothing!


This rooibos is allergic to multiple steeps - get one large, good steep, and then dump the rest. You can get a second steep if you really want, but it'll taste a lot sweeter with the licorice root and less minty, with a vaguely stale vegetal scent. This tea does taste lovely though, and is very minty and refreshing - great for congestion or sore throats.

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